Why Indoor Plants Attract Bugs (And What To Do About Them)

It’s true that indoor plants create a lush beauty and purify the air in our homes. However, houseplants come with their share of problems, like hosting unwanted guests- bugs. Therefore, you might wonder why indoor plants attract bugs.

Bugs are attracted by growing conditions around your indoor plants, like soil conditions, overwatering, and more. We want your indoor haven to remain vibrant and pest-resistant. So, we will take you through why your indoor plant is attracting bugs and what to do about it. 

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Here is Why Your Indoor Plant is Attracting Bugs


One of the most common causes of bug infestation is overwatering your plant. Standing water in your plant attracts pests like fungus gnats and aphids. The water creates an ideal environment for bugs to thrive because the water prevents their bodies from drying up, as it can lead to their death.

To prevent insects from infesting your plant, ensure your containers have drainage holes to drain away excess water. Also, ensure the potting mix is completely dry before your next watering. 

Placing Outdoor Plants Indoors

What indoor plants attract bugs


Bringing outdoor plants indoors may bring bugs unknowingly. So, before you bring your indoor plants into your living space, inspect them to see if they are carrying pests. Also, quarantine them for a while before mixing them with other indoor plants.

Poor Soil Quality

In addition, poor soil quality in indoor plants can also attract bugs. Potting mix with poor drainage can retain excess moisture, creating a conducive environment for insects like fungus gnats.

Furthermore, the presence of decaying organic matter in the soil, like dead leaves, breaks down, releasing nutrients that attract bugs.

To prevent bug infestation, use a well-draining potting mix and remove any decaying organic matter.


Indoor plants need light to grow and thrive; however, light can attract unwanted bugs in your home. Many bugs are attracted by fruits and flowers, which are their source of food. Thus, the presence of light makes plants more visible to the bugs.

To protect your plants from bugs, you can install screens or barriers to prevent bugs from reaching your plants. This applies to plants in areas with high concentrations of bugs.

Overcrowding your Plants

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Plants placed too close together can limit air circulation, creating a humid environment. Pests like aphids and spider mites love such an environment. So, ensure you create space between your plants to prevent bugs from building their homes.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can Succulents Attract Bugs?

Succulents are less prone to bugs, unlike other plants, because they store a lot of water. However, they can still attract bugs if they are overwatered or grown in soils with poor drainage. 

How do I get rid of little bugs around my plants?

If your houseplant is infested by bugs and wants to get rid of them, isolate the infested plants, prune the infested parts, use Neem oil, and regularly inspect your plant.

Final Thought

Now that you know why indoor plants attract bugs, providing them with proper care, like using a well-draining potting mix avoiding overwatering and overcrowding them, will discourage bugs and promote healthy growth. 

Additionally, addressing the bug infestation promptly will keep your indoor plants flourishing, and you will enjoy their beauty without the interference of unwanted guests.

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