How to Water Your Outdoor Plants While Away

How to water outdoor potted plants when away

Are you heading on a business trip or vacation soon? If so, your plants will still need watering even when you are gone. That’s why you need the best strategies to help water your outdoor plants while away. Remember, you don’t want to return to wilted or stressed plants.

If there is no one around to check on your plants, don’t stress because there are better ways to keep your beloved plants hydrated while away. Remember, you cannot rely on the rain because it might not rain.

However, you can consider the following practical ideas and be sure to come back to healthy and thriving plants.

9 Ways to Keep Your Outdoor Plants Hydrated While Away

Water Your Plants Before Leaving

If your business trip or vacation will take one or two days, you can water your outdoor plants thoroughly before leaving. If it rains within the days you are gone, the moisture in the soil should be able to last even longer.

Add Mulch

How to water outdoor plants when away for a month


After watering your plants, add at least 3 inches of mulch around your plants. Young plants may need mulch because their roots are too shallow to find moisture deep in the ground compared to established plants.

Mulch will help prevent water from evaporating so your plants stay hydrated and not waterlogged until you’re back. Note that too much mulch can prevent oxygen from reaching the plant roots.

You can use organic mulch or make your own with twigs or dry leaves. Remember, adding mulch should be temporary as it might cause root rot when left for weeks.

Move Your Portable Plants to a Cooler Area

If you plan to be away for a few days or even a week, move your potted plants in a shade away from the sun. Ensure to water them thoroughly. To retain more moisture, double pot them and place fine mulch or soil between the spaces. 

Invest in Automatic Drip Irrigation

If your outdoor garden is big or has many outdoor plants, installing an automatic drip irrigation will go a long way. This system has tubes that layed at the base of your plants, and they have an automated timer to water your plants at a certain time. The system is super easy to install and operate. 

Hire a Professional Plant Sitter or Ask a Friend to Water Your Plants

How to water outdoor plants while away for two weeks


If you want peace of mind that your plants are well taken care of when away, you can hire a professional plant caregiver. Or, instead, ask a friend to water your plants on your behalf. You can take them around your garden a week before while giving instructions on how to water the plants.

Set a Timer on Your Garden Sprinkler

In addition, you can use your regular garden sprinkler to water your plants while away. Simply set a timer to your sprinkler (s) and test it before you leave. This will help you know what you need to adjust.

Use a Shade Cloth

Another cost-effective method to keep your outdoor plants hydrated is using a shade cloth. If your outdoor plants are in the same bed, add a cloth above them to protect them from direct sunlight. 

This will help prevent the water in your plants from evaporating. Ensure you water your plants thoroughly before installing the shade cloth. This method can sustain your plant for upto a week.

Use Plastic Bottles

You see those plastic bottles in your garage or store, you can use them to water outdoor plants while away. Simply remove the lids and put tiny holes on each using a nail. Next, fill the bottles with water and place them upside down near your plants. 

This self-watering method is easy and affordable, and you’re sure your plant will get enough water. Besides, the water drips slowly to keep your soil moist. If your trip will be long, use large bottles if possible. 

Use Soaker Hoses

How to water plants while away for 2 weeks diy


Soaker hoses are made of a porous material that allows water to seep slowly and at an even rate. They are easy to install. All you need to do is secure the hose into the ground using garden pins to keep it in place.

With a soaker hose, there is little evaporation as the soaker hose is close to the ground. You can leave your plants for weeks.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do you automatically water plants while Away?

You can use various methods to water your plants while away automatically. For instance, you can use drip irrigation and connect to an automatic timer. Additionally, you can use the regular garden sprinkler and set it on a timer to water your plants at a specific time.

How Do You Make a Watering Bottle for Plants?

This is very simple. Poke small holes in the cap of the bottles. Next, seal the lids from the inside with a waterproof material to control the water flow. Fill all the bottles with water and then screw back the caps. Finally, insert the bottles upside down at the base of your plants.

What Are the Disadvantages of Self-watering Plant Systems?

While self-watering plant systems help to maintain a consistent water flow to the plants, they also have some potential disadvantages. One, they cannot detect rain and thus will still release water regardless of whether it rains. This leads to overwatering, and excess moisture can cause root rot.

Ultimate Thoughts

Knowing how to water outdoor plants when away will help keep your plants thriving even in your absence. So, the above nine watering strategies are a must-know for every gardener. 

However, it’s good to know that these watering strategies may have a few disadvantages, like failing to work while away, and they are also unable to predict the weather, thus leading to overwatering. 


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