How to Grow an Avocado Plant from Seeds With 7 Easy Steps

How to grow avocado from seed with pictures

Avocado fruits have become a staple in many households. Instead of buying avocado fruit every time you want to enjoy this creamy and nutritious fruit, you can actually learn how to grow an avocado plant from seeds right in your home. 

It’s very easy to grow your avocado tree indoors or outdoors to get fresh fruits. However, the tree won’t bear fruits overnight as you need to wait for at least five years for the plant to start producing fruits. 

Keep reading and learn the simple ways of growing avocado plants from seeds.

How to Grow an Avocado Plant from Seeds

There are different varieties of avocados, like Hass or Fuerte, but you can choose to grow the one you enjoy eating. However, the avocado should be ripe and healthy for successful seed germination. Luckily, you can grow your avocado tree from any avocado seed. Here is how to grow an avocado plant from seeds. 

Step 1 – Remove and Clean the Pit

How to plant an avocado seed in water


Carefully cut your avocado open, remove the pit without damaging the seed cover, and then clean it to remove the fruit cream. 

Step 2 – Locate the Top and Bottom of the Seed

It’s important to identify which part of the seed is top and bottom. The slightly pointed part is usually the top, while the flat part is the bottom. The top part is where the sprout will grow, while the bottom is where the roots will form.

Step 3 – Pierce the Seed With Toothpicks

Pierce and stick three toothpicks into your avocado seed at a downward angle. Ensure the toothpicks are evenly placed. The toothpicks are to ensure the seeds are suspended in the water. 

Step 4 – Place the Seed Halfway in a Container

Avocado seed growing stages


After piercing the seeds with toothpicks, submerge them halfway in a container or jar of water. Use a clear container to observe them growing, and change the water regularly, at least once or twice a week. This will prevent the growth of mold or bacteria.

Place the container in a warm and sunny area, preferably in a window sill, but avoid direct sunlight. 

Step 5 –  Watch for Growth

Some people might start to see growth between two to eight weeks. However, you need to be patient. The first sign is that the avocado seed will split open from top to bottom.

A small root or roots will begin to sprout. The taproot will continue to grow and might even branch, and then a small sprout will emerge at the top of the seed.

Step 6 – Plant in Soil

1 year old avocado tree from seed


When the roots are thick and three inches long, and the stems are 15 cm long with leaves, plant it in a pot or container. Ensure the container has a diameter of 25cm, and the top half of the pit is exposed. 

Step 7 – Water your Avocado Plant

Watering is one way to care for your avocado plants, so water your plant frequently, ensuring the soil is moist but not waterlogged. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Which Side of the Avocado Seed Goes in Water?

The bottom or root end is the part of the seed that is immersed in water. This part is usually broader and rounded. So, it’s very important to figure out which is the root end and sprout end. 

How Do You Germinate Avocado Seeds in a Paper Towel?

Damp a paper towel and wrap the avocado seed with it. Then, place the seed enclosed with a damp paper towel in a plastic bag and seal the bag to maintain moisture and warmth. Place the plastic bag in a warm and bright location like a windowsill. 

After 2 to 6 weeks, you should start to see roots and sprouts from the avocado seed. Once the roots are three inches long, transplant them into the soil.

How Long Can You Keep an Avocado Seed Before Planting?

Avocado seeds can remain viable for planting for a few weeks to several months. However, this depends on the environmental conditions. If you plan to plant them after a few weeks, keep the seeds cool and dry, and don’t expose them to direct sunlight or extreme temperatures. 

However, if you plan to plant the seeds after a few months, consider storing them in a sealed plastic bag in the refrigerator. 

Final Thoughts

Instead of throwing away an avocado seed after enjoying the creamy fruit, you can actually turn that seed into a thriving avocado plant. 

So, go through the steps above and learn how to grow an avocado plant from seeds and fill your indoor or outdoor garden with flourishing avocado trees.




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